Would you rather complete mindless data entry, or creative writing? Would you rather work for someone else, or work for yourself?

At Peruse we are always interested in finding more of the right people so if you are a writer or editor searching for a unique employment opportunity, please send us your CV and two writing samples, for more information.


Anyone who’s ever worked in customer service knows that the customer isn’t always right! That’s why when you work with Peruse, we’re not just going to tell you you’re right – we’re going to tell you what needs to be done, for you to be right.

That doesn’t mean we won’t listen to what you want, it simply means we’ll combine what you want and what you need, for a complete, effective, customised and personalised writing, editing or document solution that is right.

So peruse our site or contact us, to see how else we can meet your needs.

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