Peruse; to read & examine with great care

This is a simple definition of our business name, but at Peruse writing & editing, peruse is not only our business name, but also our business motto, and professional goal. At the same time, perusing is just the beginning of how we define ourselves. 

Peruse CV

Vanessa Tripodi—Director/writing & editing consultant

Worked as a Promotions Assistant with the Caravan and Camping Industries Association of South Australia for a year after graduating university. Wanting to put her Bachelor of Arts in Professional Writing and Communications to wider use and enjoy the freedom of running a small business, Vanessa formed Peruse in 2005 as a partnership, with partner Anthony De Lisio.

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Anthony De Lisio—Director/accounts

After winning a US scholarship and working with wineries in California’s world famous regions, Anthony returned from America to manage the multimillion dollar vineyards of Classic McLaren Wines. In 2006 he too focussed on being a small business owner, concentrating on both his own landscaping, building and contracting business, and on Peruse. Anthony is an active Director of Peruse and provides advice, ideas and support, while managing the Peruse accounts. 

Perfect Partnerships

Working in partnership with Peruse writing & editing can help you work smarter and faster in your own office; we can write and edit your correspondence, compile and manage your online marketing campaigns or create and review your website’s SEO.

Forming a partnership with Peruse also allows you to offer expanded text based services to your clients, and a higher standard of document creation.

When you work with Peruse you’re guaranteed trust and privacy, because when we work together, your project is our project, your reputation is our reputation; all emails, phone calls and correspondence are kept private and confidential. You can also rely on Peruse’s services, as each contract includes an end delivery date and we make sure to complete your project within that time frame.

Each Peruse project is conducted in stages to ensure you remain informed of our progress, this process also allows for client input at three stages—clarification, review and submission. To find out more or request a quote, contact us.


At Peruse, we have worked all over the world, and worked with people from all over the world so even though we are based in Adelaide in South Australia, we can still find a writing, editing or document solution to suit your needs if you are outside of Australia. Peruse has extensive experience working with clients around Australia, and in the US, the UK, New Zealand, India and Asia and we are able to adapt writing and document styles for differing cultures and audiences, as well as maintain a fluid and beneficial relationship with international clients via email, instant messages and Skype.

We are also aware of how important a short turnaround time can be, and as an international client, you can take special advantage of time differences—while you are sleeping, we are working on your documents, which can be waiting in your inbox the next morning. 

Peruse Writers

We have formed a small team of Australian writers who work on a contract basis for Peruse to help us meet increased demand—especially the high volume of SEO keyword articles often required for successful search engine optimisation of client websites. All contracted work is carefully reviewed by the Peruse Directors before submission to the client to ensure it remains of the highest quality. 

Employment Opportunities

Would you rather complete mindless data entry, or creative writing? Would you rather work for someone else, or for yourself?

At Peruse we are always interested in finding more of the right people so if you are a writer or editor searching for a unique employment opportunity, please send us your CV and two writing samples, for more information.


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