At Peruse we are able to complete copywriting for you or your business, work as a ghostwriter for your promotional materials or your upcoming novel, and create documents from scratch where we conduct independent research and interviews to gather information and ideas, ask questions and help direct you towards your ideal outcome. 

The words are one of the most important elements of any document whether you are promoting your business, sending press releases, advertising an event or applying to a publisher—looks can only get you so far, without substance, you’re stuck! This is were Peruse comes in and can work with as much or as little existing text as you have or are able to provide; even if you just have an idea, we can build the text to make your idea a reality. 


We offer three levels of editing at Peruse:

Proofreading; you provide us with a document which you (and preferably others involved in the project) have already carefully reviewed, and which has complete content. Peruse will examine the document for spelling, typographical and grammatical errors which you can easily miss in a document you have become familiar with. Proofreading also ensures consistency in usage throughout the document, for example have you used both ‘long term’ and ‘long-term’ in the same document?

Copyediting; you provide us with a document which you have already reviewed and which has complete content. Peruse will examine it for spelling, typographical and grammatical errors as well as sentence structure, order of content and repetitiveness. We will then make changes to the document as required to maintain its flow and convey its meaning.

Structural editing; you provide us with a document which you may have reviewed, and provide us with your vision for the polished document. Peruse will review the document for consistency and readability, consulting the client and conducting independent research to fill in any gaps of information and to ensure clarity of meaning. Peruse will then make suggestions for additions or omissions within the document and again consult with the client and conduct independent research to make any necessary additions. We will then ask you for anything you may like to add—new ideas and additions are often sparked at the clarifications stage. Additions will be written or allocated within the document and the document will then be examined for spelling, typographical and grammatical errors as well as sentence structure, order of content and repetitiveness.

If we have been contracted to proofread or copyedit your document but notice structural changes are required, or additional information could benefit the meaning, we will provide suggestions for further improvements. All levels of editing are completed in an electronic file, and a changeable file format is presented to you upon completion. All editing is completed with the target audience and document aim in mind.

Document Creation

Document creation is a text based design service which can involve our other writing and editing services, or can include solely design services. Whether text is provided or written/edited by Peruse we will work with you to create a document which is as eye-catching, readable and engaging as possible, keeping in mind your audience, your corporate identity, the tone of your message and the outcome you hope your document will achieve.

You may have Peruse create a newsletter for your fellow church-goers, a flyer to advertise your school fundraiser or a brochure to help you sell your home to save on agent’s fees. Our corporate document creation services include product advertisements, product brochures, newsletters and special offers, reports and order forms. We can include your company, association or school logo and follow any existing style guidelines already in place—if you don’t have a document style guide, we will create one for you. 

(Email) Marketing

Where your traditional marketing strategies will fall under document creation, email marketing is an even more affordable and effective way to reach your audience. At Peruse we can design an email marketing campaign, choose a frequency and collect subscriber details. We will then research, write and edit all content, source images and choose or design an email template. We can also send, monitor and maintain your email campaigns to manage unsubscribe requests, bounced emails and new subscribers. All you have to do is provide us with the aim of your email campaign and we can manage just the text, source just the email marketing software or take care of the entire marketing campaign.
Online Presence

If you are in any business, your website can be your most important marketing and customer management tool, especially if you are in a highly competitive industry. Potential customers are more likely to Google you than look in the Yellow Pages and while your online presence is just a part of your overall marketing and business strategy, with an uninformative, unattractive and hard to use website your competitors will be rubbing their hands with glee.

A positive online presence is first about being found. Peruse has a range of search engine optimisation packages available, which include optimising your website text to target your business’ keywords, coupled with regular and informative keyword article updates and link building.

However, you don’t just want your website to be solely keyword rich and search engine friendly as this will attract Google for a time, but if you are only spouting a string of keywords, your potential customers will soon leave. This is the second part of Peruse’s online presence services as we responsibly create optimised text and SEO articles for your website which attract interest through genuine information—after all, if you’re a mechanic, offering people helpful advice and useful information about your business this is going to use all the right keywords a search engine looks for, as well as provide your visitors useful information to keep them on your site.

Peruse will also offer advice on navigability, online readability, structure and inclusions for your website, as well as make suggestions on social media marketing which could benefit your business too. 

Social Media Marketing

Getting your business involved in social media can help grow your customer base, as well as help you better serve (and more importantly, keep) the customers you already have. Blogs, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube all have the potential to promote your business and attract customers, not only by creating more talk about you and your business online, but also creating links and increasing traffic to and from your website.

Peruse can help get you involved in social media, where you will be able to offer regular advice to your customers on your blog, and they can make comments, which lead you to adapt services, add products or change your product uses. By tweeting, or connecting to customers via Facebook you can keep a relationship strong and keep yourself in your customers’ mind for when they next need your services. However, there is no better way to attract customers than actually showing them what you can do and a short video of a wedding reception you decorated, a formal for which you provided limousines or a bathroom you renovated can speak volumes, and Peruse can help you find your voice

Employment Applications

Looking for a job is a full time job, so let us help. We offer three levels of employment applications, where each CV and cover letter is custom-made to reflect the industry and the individual, while addressing all employer or recruitment requirements:

Backpack CV; for school students who are looking for part time work while they study, or who have finished school and are looking for a job, a career, or part time work to fund their further studies. Even if you don’t have any formal employment experience, we can take your school activities, your babysitting duties or your basketball coaching commitments and turn them into an appealing application.

Satchel CV; for tertiary students who are currently studying and looking for part time work, or who have completed their studies and obtained their degree and want to transform those into a career. Don’t worry if the part time job you worked while studying wasn’t in the same field as the career you’re pursing because we can make all your qualifications shine.

Briefcase CV; for those already in the workforce and who have established career experience but are looking for a change. We can update your CV to reflect new skills and recent training courses and even if you’ve worked for the same company for the last 20 years, we can make sure the diversity of your skills is clear, and highlight your transferability. 

To accompany a CV, we offer two types of covering letter:

Standard cover letter; includes a one page summary of your skills and experience as they relate to the job for which you are applying. A standard cover letter is perfect for a cold-canvas application, or when you are following a tip-off about a position opening.

Selection criteria cover letter; will address all selection criteria and job and person specifications required for a job application. We will use the information from your CV and any additional information to answer all criteria with evidence of your capability and experience.

CV and cover letter services can be combined to secure a discount on each document. Clients will receive two hard copies of all documents produced, plus a PDF file of all documents. Changeable word documents can be provided as part of a file package.

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