Find out more about how easy it is to work with Peruse, and how we can help you, by hearing from some of our customers and clients. 

Corporate Services

Steve Buck, Distribution Power Design
Work commencing October 2007 and ongoing; 

“We have had the pleasure to work with Vanessa through her business Peruse writing & editing for a couple of years now. In that time, Vanessa has never let us down and always provides us with a high quality level of service in a wide area of expertise in a very prompt and efficient manner.

It comes as no surprise that her business is growing and her services are expanding. We highly recommend Vanessa’s services and appreciate her attention to detail.”

Ettienne Botha, ElectraNet & American Superconductor Australia
Work commencing October 2003 and ongoing;

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Individual Services

Peter Russell, author of ‘Dancing with a Chameleon’
Work completed October 2009, 'Dancing with a Chameleon' can be purchased from
Amazon Books or from the publisher;

“I briefed Vanessa Tripodi of Peruse writing & editing to write a synopsis of my book ‘Dancing with a Chameleon’ to feature in my New York publisher's pitch to Hollywood studios. Vanessa provided me with a comprehensive draft as well as a full characterisation file within five days, discussed possible changes and scenarios and had final documents ready to send to the publisher a week later. 

Her attention to detail was impressive which provided me (and my publisher) with a high level of confidence in her work and her approach to a difficult task was savvy and fully professional. I intend to provide her with drafts to edit my next two books as I have no hesitation of recommending her services.”

Online Presence

Paul Leasure, Love Fine Art
Work commencing September 2007; 
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Journalistic Contracts

Rosie Shilo, Virtually Yours Virtual Assistants
Work completed 2006; 

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Mike Hanley Professional Writer
Work completed August 2009; 

“Vanessa Tripodi is a pleasure to work with. I have asked her to do the impossible on a number of occasions, not least when I needed a 30,000 word report read and edited within the week, a task that would have been beyond anyone else. She did it with aplomb and good cheer, and, importantly, charged a reasonable fee as well.”

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